When Taking Continuing Education Courses Is Necessary For Insurance Certification?

In order to protect consumers, states require insurance agents to be properly licensed. Unfortunately, for insurance agents, the requirements for certification vary from state to state. So just because you hold a license in one state does not mean that you can apply for a license in another state without taking state-specific insurance education courses. To further complicate matters, states require agents to take ongoing or continuing education classes in insurance in order to maintain their license.

So, You Want To Be An Entrepeneur: Three Things To Do Before You Quit Your Day Job

Many people dream of being their own boss and running their own business. But the entrepreneurial life is not for everyone, and for each person who succeeds as a business owner, there are many others who fail. So, how do you raise your chances of success while also ensuring that this really is the path for you? Don't quit your day job just yet. Do these three things first to ensure entrepreneurship is right for you, and to give yourself a bit of a head start.